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Involved in a car accident that was not your fault? Then we will help you out of these kind of situation. Contact a car accident attorney today!

Unfortunately, a large number of car accidents take place in Alabama. While a lot of such crashes are minor, a big number of these car accidents lead to serious injuries or death because of the impacts involved. They include T- bone accidents, distracted driving crashes, T-bone collisions and drunk driving accidents.

When any car accident occurs, lots of factors should be taken into account to find out who might be responsible legally and against whom the claim must be filed. Our legal team of experienced and skilled lawyers have years of combined experience and knowledge to file a car accident case, litigate and even go to the trial if required.


Have You Been Involved In A Car Accident?

Car accidents are most popular kind of personal injury claims. Such claims are usually based on theory of negligence and carelessness. In most of the car accidents, the hurt party, the plaintiff, should establish negligence of defendant to seek damages. Additionally, the plaintiff should show that defendant’s negligence and carelessness were the cause of both accident and plaintiff’s injuries. We can assist & guide you through the whole process.

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With so many individuals driving around, car accidents can take place
anytime even with a little bit of negligence. We are there to help you out legally in such car accident cases.

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We have successfully won millions of dollars in hundreds of car accident cases for our clients

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Our team of lawyers is well qualified and also highly experienced in car accident cases.

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You Might Be Eligible To Get A Compensation

Violation of statutory laws and vehicle codes are frequently cited to establish carelessness in car accidents. For example, if a driver fails to stop at stop sign leading to an accident, the statutory violation can be enough to ascertain fault in the accident. Establishing liability in a car accident can be much more complex in some cases. If you’ve been injured in car accident, it is important to call a skilled and experienced car accident lawyer like us. We can assist you decide who is guilty for the car accident and seek out damages where suitable. We deal with such issues regularly, if you have been injured, then please give us a call.

Contact A Car Accident Attorney Today!
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